Referral Program officially launched, bring new users and earn extra rewards!
3 min readNov 21, 2019

Dear Sharpayers! is thrilled to announce that you can earn extra rewards by bringing new users to our Sharpay community through the Referral Program!

Many often asked us if we have a referral program. For us, it was a bit strange, because just sharing content from our website using Sharpay’s share buttons and receiving rewards for each organic visit via links is an unlimited source of cryptocurrencies for free, in fact, there is an analogue of a referral program. But over time, we realized that ordinary users mean the traditional referral program with extra rewards for registering new users. Well, ok, we did it.

There are a lot of ways to attract new users to Sharpay, and the most effective one is to get new users through a referral program. The existing users and new users can both benefit from it. It is very easy to join our Referral Program. All you need to do is to share your personal referral link to any social networks you like. You may share your personal referral link manually or share it using the Sharpay share buttons on our official website. Anyone who registers a new account via your personal referral link, and after making their first share using Sharpay buttons, you and your referred new user will both get S tokens reward.

In order to launch this Referral Program, we used “Conversion Events”, one of the Sharpay system webmaster features. This solution can be applied to any site where Sharpay buttons are installed. This is the simplest way to organize a referral program for any site and reward users for bringing new users or customers. You may read more about Conversion Events and how to set them up here (

Let us tell you the basic rules and the rewards of our Referral Program:

🔸 How to earn referral extra rewards:
1) Get personal referral link (
2) Share referral link with someone using whichever social network you like.
3) If a new user sign up using your personal referral link and share content using Sharpay buttons, you will earn a reward.
4) Reward will automatically be credited to your account.

🔸 Rewards:
1) There is no limit on how many referrals you can make.
2) For each new qualified registration via your personal referral link and after their first share using Sharpay buttons, you will get 100 S tokens referral reward
3) Moreover, your referred user will also receive 100 S tokens welcome extra reward!

🔸 Terms:
1) Team reserves the right to revise this program anytime without prior notice.
2) Team reserves the right not to accept your referrals for any reason in their sole discretion.
3) Team has the final decision in case of any dispute.

Under the referral link each referred user will go to the main page of our site, where he will see a special popover window, the first share of our site using Sharpay share button from this popover window will create (activate) his account and give him 100 S as a welcome extra reward.

For using our services, you agree to our Terms and Conditions ( If you have any questions or problems about the referral program, please feel free to contact our Admin ( Welcome!

In Sharing We Trust! Team