will soon be easier and better
2 min readFeb 2, 2021


Hello Sharpayers!

We rested a little during the January holidays and are now preparing a major update of our site.

Cool January for the market, isn’t it? We hope you keep your finger on the pulse of liquidity and trade profitably. But, in a good way, in a bull market, it is better to sit in assets and not trade, especially if your experience is not enough for successful trading.

Frankly speaking, for our S token, everyone does not have to choose yet, and the only strategy is to hold. The IDEX exchange periodically shows liquidity in the S/ETH pair, but the volumes and price are still so small that active trading is out of the question.

You ask, “How will you please us in the near future?” Updating the face of our system and positioning. Some time ago we updated your personal accounts. We periodically develop and implement new features. But we haven’t touched the site itself and the documentation for a long time. It is so outdated that we ourselves are sad to see it.

We will fix this mess and update in the coming weeks. In the spirit of the times. In trend. Simple and tasteful. So that even your grandmother understands what we are doing here. For any new webmaster to say, “Oh, damn it, why haven’t I put these buttons on my Telegram channel and website yet?!” We will do everything soon, we promise. We hope this will be the foundation of our upward push.

In Sharing We Trust! Team