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More and more websites all over the world are installing Sharpay multishare button to attract more traffic and award their visitors for sharing content to social media.

Here is a little successful story of CoinInfo.News, we are glad to share with you.

Founded by a group of entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts from all over the world, CoinInfo.News has a global coverage and a team of experts and investors, thus providing the best insights and information about the latest news about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

“After installing the Sharpay button on our website, our viewers started sharing our content all over the social media, thus driving more traffic on our platform.

We are very happy with the results that we obtained in such a short amount of time by performing such a simple task — implementing a Sharpay multishare button”, — Alexandru Crucean, Marketing Director @ CoinInfo.News

And what’s about you? Have you already installed Sharpay multishare button to your website?

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