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Do you know, recently, one of the world’s most famous sharing platform of the old generation — the company — was absorbed by Oracle at the price of $200 million? Sharpay plans to exceed the capitalization of twice more at least!

Just in 3 years, the market valuation of Sharpay can reach $400 million, and in 5 years — to exceed $1 billion. The planned and financial indicators of Sharpay are calculated taking into consideration all the current and future risks in the market of sharing. is proud of several superiorities that distinguish it from its direct competitors: working product (MVP) and leeway in time. The project’s team has already managed to implement a multi-sharing button with blockchain profit, as well as applied for the international patent priority procedure.

We are the first to enter the market with our unique multi-sharing technology, so any other project, already existing in the market of sharing should radically revise and rebuild the system of its work to move to a new level, and it requires a lot of time and costs.

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