Sharpay multisharing technology

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Did you know that paid social media promotions all across the world are projected to rise 72% by 2019 and reach 50 billion US dollars? (according to Zenith Optimedia research)

We believe the rising trend of the blockchain technology in the modern society will stimulate interest in content sharing with blockchain payments. The Sharpay button will be interesting not only to websites using previous generation sharing aggregators, but to completely new mobile applications and websites that have never even implemented sharing functionality on their platforms.

According to our projections, spread of the Sharpay multisharing technology with blockchain payments will drive market penetration up by at least 10%, and the Sharpay button has the capacity to capitalize the market by several times over.

According to the current market capacity, in just 5–7 years Sharpay can account for over 50% of its growth, equivalent to 35% of the entire aggregate sharing.

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