Sharpay S token on IDEX 2.0
2 min readOct 22, 2020


Dear Sharpayers!
Sharpay S token is listed on IDEX 2.0. It’s time to open orders!

As you know, Sharpay S token has been officially traded on the IDEX exchange for about 3 years since the launch of our project. This fairly large platform is one of the progenitors of DEX (decentralized exchanges) trading systems and DeFi in a broad sense. In order to get into the IDEX listing from the very beginning, our team underwent a special audit. We prepared a big report on Sharpay developments and quality activity in our private GitHub repositories (all our main developments are in private repositories). Since then we have been at IDEX.

The cryptocurrency industry is actively developing, the market is changing, exchanges do not stand still. On October 20, IDEX officially transitioned to a new format of technologies and capabilities that the exchange called IDEX 2.0. New exchange address:

It is important to note that IDEX has optimized the number of tokens on the list. We are pleased to confirm that the Sharpay S token is officially listed on IDEX 2.0 (proof: IDEX, thank you for your trust. This means that it will become easier, more convenient and more profitable for you to open orders and trade S tokens. You will learn what IDEX 2.0 is here:

What do you need to do to start trading on IDEX?

1) Go to (1.0) or directly to (2.0).
2) If you have already traded on IDEX, follow the procedure to automatically migrate your balance from to You will see all the tips on the screen.
3) If you haven’t traded on IDEX yet, just get started by buying S tokens at a good price. The IDEX exchange ranks very well on the same list as Uniswap, Balancer and Binance DEX.

The S token order book on IDEX 2.0 is just beginning to form. By making transactions for the purchase of S tokens on IDEX, you will help our project with the formation of market liquidity. Are you with us? Sharpay S token is traded here:

In Sharing We Trust! Team