Sharpay Takes Part in CryptoEconomy Global Roadshow in January

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On January 22 and 23 the CryptoEconomy event takes place in San Francisco, where our CBDO Igor Karavaev is to meet with partners and potential investors, answering questions about the project.

If you want to see and talk to Igor, please, let our Telegram chat admin @sharpay_admin know and we’ll arrange a meeting for you.

In January the conferences and exhibitions will be arranged in three cities: San Francisco, London and Amsterdam, and in each of them you will have a chance to communicate with members of our team.

22.01–23.01 — CryptoEconomy, San Francisco
25.01–26.01 — CryptoEconomy, London
29.01–30.01 — CryptoEconomy, Amsterdam

We are also looking forward to the productive communication from the tour events and will do our best to make it as interesting as possible to present our project! We promise to keep you informed through our social networks.

More information about Sharpay button on our website

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