Sharpay security updates

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Dear Community!

Sharpay is a new unique social media marketing tool. We have added a lot of new features on our Sharpay application, for example, token reward management on webmaster area, audience report, token withdrawal function. Recently, we have updated our security to protect your account from suspicious activity and theft:

1. “Sign out on all devices”. If you notice some suspicious activity on your account, you can change your account password and sign out all devices here:

2. “Email change confirmation”. Each time you update your email address, we will send a confirmation email to the previously-used email address:

3. “Withdrawal confirmation”. When you withdraw the Sharpay S tokens you earned, you need to confirm your withdrawal request by email:

We will continue to improve and develop our Sharpay button, and give you the best sharing experience. Stay tune for more updates!

In Sharing We Trust!

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