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Dear Sharpay Community!

For sure you know that sharing, posting and site visits can be converted into coins — real money, which many people just miss if they do not use the Sharpay multishare button! So, please tell to your friends and relatives, your social media followers about our project. Tell about Sharpay to those who actively use social networks, as well as to the owners of websites. Both of them will be incredibly grateful to you!

What is the Sharpay button about? Briefly, Sharpay is a multi-sharing tool based on blockchain technology, which has picked in itself all the advantages for active earning. In other words, Sharpay pays you if you share content on any of your social resources and accounts! And, in order to share, it is enough to press just one button of multisharing! Sharpay share button also multiple increases traffic to the sites where it is installed, thereby helping site owners.

Thus, thanks to the Sharpay platform, people are interested in communicating, sharing only quality and curious information with each other, and the Internet portals get a need of posting interesting content. At the result, everyone wins!

We do not doubt that our Sharpay platform, bringing profit now, will become a “must have” in SMM in a year, and also a habitual source of income for all advanced Internet users!

In Sharing We Trust!

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