The leader of team asked about blockchain’s future and the influence of our project on its development.

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There is no secret that a team for the project is like roots for the tree. They give the energy for further development and keep the touch with the ground. Without a strong team the project will sooner or later collapse, as well as a tree without the roots will not last long.

The leader of team, Anton Solodikov, has recently been asked about blockchain’s future and the influence of our project on its development. Here is his reply.

«Who if not you? Who if not we? Who, if not you and we together will change this internet world for the best with a help of blockchain?

Is it possible to do right now? We are able to, and what about you? For instance, we developed, sharing button with blockchain profit, we are sharing it with the world, have you already tried it? Do you know that with a help of our buttons, installed on any sites in the world for free, the conversions of sharing content to the social media will multiple increase? Therefore — traffic to the website, views, registrations and sales will also increase; it is great, isn’t it?

In 3–5 years period, there will be no more old-generation sharing buttons, there will be only multisharing ones with blockchain profit, do you understand? And today Sharpay is the only one engaged in the development of this technology in the market which size exceeds 500 billion dollars, it is cool isn’t it?

Will blockchain change our world? It is already changing, have not you noticed yet? A few years ago, we did not understand completely what was it and everything was about Bitcoin as digital currency only, but today we have already created a product that takes the first positions in the expert rankings, have you seen our rating on or by the way?

Do you want our forecast, what will happen next? Will the market grow? What place will Bitcoin and Ethereum take? How many billions of people will be in the blockchain? 1, 2 or 7? Would it still only work on decentralized technologies? Do you want to hear our answer?

We do not know exactly. However, we know for sure that if in 2023 the blockchain totally wins the world, we will be one of those projects which part’s you have been lucky to become in 2018. Are you with us?»

According to our CEO’s reply you see that the project is in reliable hands! And we are sure that Anton’s charisma will lead Sharpay and blockchain technology only full speed ahead to the best results and great success!

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