The Sharpay project Presale is in progress!

We have launched our ICO on 11 December 2017 and in just a little over a month managed to raise some 650 Ethereum of investments in support of the project!

The planned number of tokens for sale during the Presale is 80 million. Make sure to join our extraordinary project now to receive a 50% bonus! The Sharpay project has made it to the Top-5 active ICO projects according to ICObench with a rating of 4.6. Among other ratings that noted our performance were TrackICORating with 4.3 and Kryptoverleich with 4.4. Sharpay also boasts a working MVP.

The Presale for Sharpay tokens will continue until 11 February 2018. One Sharpay token during this stage is priced at 0.00003 ETH. Minimum investment is 0.1 ETH. Buy the project’s tokens for over 50 ETH and receive an additional 5% bonus! To find out more about us please visit

Presale Bonus 50%! ✅ Buy Now!

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