Thoughts of our CEO about Blockchain

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I am always surprised when the discussion starts wither there is a need for a blockchain or not. I believe that the blockchain is needed EVERYWHERE, this is a new era of digital technologies, a new era for the entire Internet network! The more projects will join blockchain — the more valid all the information on the Internet will be. In our case:

Stage 1 — emission on Ethereum according to the ERC20 standard of the required volume of tokens for free sale, provision of the internal economy of the project, and for distribution among users for multisharing and promotion of content — the blockchain is used as a financial register.

Stage 2 — to increase the throughput and reduce commissions, the development and launching of an independent decentralized blockchain — the blockchain is used to issue, distribute tokens between sites and users for social activity, and to store information.

Starting from the second stage, the income from the blockchain will be received not only by users, but also by sites for buttons installed.

Blockchain is not for geeks, blockchain is for EVERYONE!

Anton Solodikov

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