Three ways to get our tokens

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Dear Sharpay Community Members!

Do you remember, there are three ways to get our tokens:

🔹You can buy Sharpay tokens with 30% bonus now! There are already more than 5550 contributors to our Token Sale.

🔹You can be awarded by our tokens for multisharing the content of our website or of the sites which have already installed our Sharpay buttons. You share the info to your social networks and get rewarded with our tokens!

🔹But there is also another great opportunity to get our tokens for free — become an official Sharpay referral!

Just to remind what you should do:
- log in to your personal account on;
- find your personal referral link at the bottom;
- every purchase at this link will give you 5% of the amount!

At the moment the leader of the referral race has already received more than 1.5 mln Sharpay tokens for free, which is equivalent to more than 50 ETH!

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