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Every day we get a lot of questions from you. Some of these questions are very important. That is why we are posting the answers to the most important questions here.

🔸Question 1:
Your White Paper says that your Token Sale period is: from March 1 till May 31, 2018 (with an option to prolong Token Sale). — Is the deadline still the same or you are going to extend the Token Sale period?

🔹Question 2:
According to the White Paper, more than 1/3 tokens will be reserved for the system operations. It is also said that it is planned to “sell tokens from the RESERVE to companies which use Sharpay button to stimulate customers”. — In what cases will this reserve be used? What will be the cost of tokens from reserve? This is important for investors, as sales from the reserve can significantly affect the market value of tokens.

🔸Answer 1:
We have a plan to end our Token Sale on May 31, 2018. But we also consider an option to extend. It is not confirmed yet. No final decision is made. We will keep you informed.

🔹Answer 2:
When the Token Sale is completed but the listing on exchanges is not executed yet, if this occurs, tokens can be sold at a nominal price. We take into consideration the project’s features, White Paper and a need of selling tokens to sites from the reserve.
When our tokens are listed on the exchanges, the market price will appear, then tokens will be sold at the market price (in case the price is higher). If the market price is below the nominal value (which is not excluded, taking into account volatility periods), tokens will be sold at nominal price (which is almost equivalent to the absence of sales from the system, as they can be bought cheaper on the exchanges).

Thank you for your interest! We are always glad to help you!

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