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Dear Sharpay Community!

We have recently interviewed Andrey Stepanov, a biochemist doctor who works in the field of bone marrow transplantation for patients with cancer. Andrey runs a very interesting blog (http://stepanov.blog) about human body: why a person yawns or sneezes in the light, why the fingers wrinkle in the water and many other curious matters he explains in his blog. Andrey installed the Sharpay multi-share button at his blog in January 2018, and we are happy to share with you Andrey’s, a real website owner’s experience and opinion about our product.

🔹The installation of the Sharpay button does not cause any difficulties even for a beginner website administrator. I am just inserting the html-code of the button to the right place of the article.

🔹When new visitors see that someone else has already used the button, they are more willing to press to share themselves.

🔹Here is an example, in my personal account on Sharpay.io I can see that 6185 visitors came to my website thanks to the Sharpay sharing button’s re-posts, and according to Google Analytics for the same period there were only 9245 visits to the blog.

🔹For me, the entry point to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency was the blog platform based on the blockchain. The Sharpay button is an even simpler way of blockchain initiation for the new Internet users.

🔹Now thanks to Sharpay, sharing interesting and useful information with friends is rewarded. And advertising with Sharpay is much more effective than traditional promo in social networks. People do believe much to their friends recommendations and their common interests match. Sharing is even more effective than targeting.

🔹People are also having an interest to everything new. Interest in everything new is characteristic of the human psychology in general. And Sharpay.io has all potential to teach people such new technologies as blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

What does it mean?! It does not matter what is your job and what’s your website about… The world of high technologies concerns everything, everywhere and everyone. That’s why the Sharpay sharing button is worth to be used and installed! Have you already had it at your website?

In Sharing We Trust!

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