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We are often asked if we have competitors in the sharing field and what differentiates us from them. Here is the answer: sure, we have competitors, but no doubts we also have great features that make us to be better than them!

Sharpay is a high-tech, no analogues, but a simple sharing solution at the same time. There are two innovations combined in our product: multisharing and blockchain profit. Having these both options together makes our buttons unique. It is not a secret we are not the first who invented an idea of multisharing, but there is no other multisharing project with an opportunity to earn money using blockchain technology!

🔹Multisharing. This is an opportunity to share content not in one social network, but in several at the same time — just in one click! It is simply comfortable, exciting and less time consuming.

🔹Blockchain profit. You Share — We pay. For every share a user makes through our buttons he is rewarded by our tokens. That is a wonderful motivation for users to share content and monetize their popularity in the internet by earning cryptocurrency.

🔹Revolutionary SMM tool for sites multiple increasing traffic, conversions and sales. Websites owners using Sharpay buttons, save a lot of time and money on choosing and learning digital marketing, they get a better result, because our system has adjustable targeting control.

The Sharpay share buttons are user-friendly, easy to be installed and used both by users and sites.

Sharpay.io is TOP 1 project evaluated by 70 independent experts of ICOBench with the highest rating of 4.9 of all active projects. Such rating have been given us due to our Product as well.

To sum it up, all the above gives us a chance to be considered as the most successful and the best project among others equal!

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