When should Sharpay list on exchanges? Let’s vote!

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Dear Sharpay Token Holders!

Many of you have successfully passed your KYC and withdrawn your Sharpay ERC20 S-tokens to your personal Ethereum addresses. We have received a lot of questions from you: “When listing? What exchanges?”.

We have been working on our Sharpay product and we already have a real working button that has been using by a lot of websites and users. We often announce our new partnerships and development features (almost every week) to keep our community up to date on our Sharpay project.

At the same time, listing on exchanges is definitely a very important task to us.

However, as you know the crypto currency market has been falling significantly. According to our research, almost all new projects have completed Token Sales and listed on exchanges recently, their token prices have fallen so much. Some very large projects, which raised tens of millions of dollars, perform even worse than others. Their token prices have fallen 5 times or more below their ICO prices!

Now, it is a very bad time for listing. We do not want our token price fall like all others! We already have agreements with exchanges, but perhaps we can wait and list on exchanges until the market recovers? We would like to hear your opinion, our community’s opinion. So, we have decided to create a public poll on Telegram.

Direct link: https://t.me/sharpay_io/300

We are waiting for your answers!
Please note that the results of the poll will only be used for listing advisory purpose.

In Sharing We Trust!
Sharpay.io Team

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