You can add your personal ETH wallet address!

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Dear Sharpay Token Holders!

We have opened the ETH wallet address field. If you have completed and passed the KYC procedure, you will be able to enter your personal ETH wallet address on

Where and how to add your ETH wallet address?

1. This function is available only to buyers who have passed the Full / Simple KYC procedure. If you have not completed the KYC procedure, please read the instructions on how to get through our Sharpay KYC at

2. Please go to (the only one official website to add your ETH wallet address), you will be able to see a wallet section next to your Sharpay balance.

3. Click “Enter ETH wallet address”, and you will see a pop-up window, enter ONLY your personal Ethereum Wallet Address.

❗ Attention please: We DO NOT accept any ETH addresses from exchanges and other addresses. If you enter not a personal ETH wallet address, for example, an address from the exchange, then you will lose all your Sharpay tokens! In this case, we will not be able to restore your Sharpay token balance!

🔸 After passing the Full / Simple KYC, the ETH address field will be opened automatically in the next 24 hours.

❗ We have never asked you and will never ask you for your passwords and private keys!

🔸Kindly note that, we will start our ERC20 Sharpay token distribution at the of this month. You can transfer your Sharpay tokens only from your personal account on A special button for transferring tokens will be appeared in your personal account (on 23–30 July), and we will pay for the cost of transfer (Gas).

If you have any questions regarding your KYC or the ETH wallet function, please do not hesitate to contact us @sharpay_admin (

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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