You can withdraw your S tokens on!

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Dear Sharpay Token Holders!

Great news for our bounty hunters and all users who get S tokens as rewards for sharing content from different websites which installed our Sharpay multisharing buttons!

🔸 We are pleased to announce that you can withdraw your S (Sharpay) tokens from to your personal ETH wallet addresses! Congratulations!

How to withdraw your S (Sharpay) tokens to your personal ETH wallet address:

1. Please log in to your account on

2. Go to “Menu” on the upper right corner and choose “Wallet”.

3. On “Wallet” page, you can find a “Withdraw” button on the top and click “Withdraw”.

4. On “Withdrawal S (Sharpay) tokens” page, enter “Your ETH address” and “Amount of tokens”.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 350 tokens. The withdrawal fee is 0% until 15 September 2018. However, starting from 16 September 2018, we will charge you 10% withdrawal fee according to our White Paper.

5. Click “Request withdrawal” and confirm your withdrawal request via email.

Please make sure you are logged in and using the same browser when you click or copy and paste the confirmation link.

6. After that, please go to your personal Ethereum wallet and add S (Sharpay) tokens (Add Custom Ethereum ERC20 Tokens) to your wallet. You will need to enter the following values:
- Token Name (optional): Sharpay
- Token Contract Address: 0x96B0bF939D9460095C15251F71Fda11e41DcBddB
- Token Symbol: S
- Decimals: 18

âť— Attention please! We DO NOT accept any ETH addresses from exchanges and other addresses. If you enter not a personal ETH wallet address, for example, an address from the exchange, then you will lose all your S (Sharpay) tokens! In this case, we WILL NOT be able to restore your S (Sharpay) tokens! There is NO recovery of funds if you make any mistakes while withdrawing your S (Sharpay) tokens. We WILL NOT be able to recover them if you send them to a wallet you do not control!

🔸 For our Bounty Hunters:

If you have registered an account on, we have already rewarded you for your bounty work.

Bounty Results (No views/amendments will be made):

If you have registered an account but not yet reported your email address to us, or you have joined «Content and Creative Campaign», «Translations Campaign», «Ambassador Campaign» and have not yet received your rewards, please contact our admin on Telegram @sharpay_admin (

Thank you again for your support and your precious time.

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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