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Dear Sharpay Community!

You often ask us about the exchanges: where and when our token will be listed. We always reply the following:

🔹negotiations with exchanges are strictly confidential;

🔹exchanges prohibit the announcement of any negotiations to avoid planning the trading manipulations;

🔹we will announce the positive results of negotiations with the exchanges only at the end of the main stage of our Token Sale.

As you remember, our main Token Sale stage will end in 2 days. In June, we will issue the ERC20 tokens and start transfers to your personal ETH addresses. And after that, we will announce the official listing into the exchanges and the trading will start.

As we informed before, our goal is to be listed at the largest exchanges, since the main trading and the most deals are executed there. And we are in negotiation with them now. Along with this, many of you are experienced crypto-traders and we are occasionally asked about the possibility of trading of our tokens on decentralized exchanges.

Certainly we will support it. Sure, you can trade our tokens on decentralized exchanges (such as Idex, Tidex).

In short, there is almost no time remains, thank you for your supporting us along this way! And once again: there are only 2 days left till the end of the main Token Sale stage! Hurry up to buy our tokens with a 30% bonus!

In Sharing We Trust!

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