Sharpayers! Happy Lunar New Year!

Hello Sharpayers!

We rested a little during the January holidays and are now preparing a major update of our site.

Cool January for the market, isn’t it? We hope you keep your finger on the pulse of liquidity and trade profitably. But, in a good way, in a bull market, it is better to sit in assets and not trade, especially if your experience is not enough for successful trading.

Frankly speaking, for our S token, everyone does not have to choose yet, and the only strategy is to hold. …

Hello Sharpayers! An incredible year, isn’t it? Are you healthy? We really hope that you are doing well!

The global crypto winter is over. The main cryptocurrencies flew to the moon again. Not many believed it, only the most dedicated crypto enthusiasts. We are happy for those who have been holding cryptocurrencies in cold blood for years and coped with this expectation.

Although for our Sharpay project is still ahead. In fact, we have far from everything turned out from what we conceived. But we are working, trying. The project exists and develops. Our Sharpay share buttons with cryptocurrency rewards…

How is Sharpay 3 years after Token Sale?
question from “kami121” in our official BitcoinTalk thread:

hi everyone. I’ve been sharpay holder for more than 2 years. As you can see sharpay has performed very poorly and there’s just no sign of it being alive. 6 million $ was raised during ico sale and I wonder where did that money go? every time I ask dev team that what’s up and will there be a new exchange listing or not they just say we are working on it. isn’t 2.5 years and 6 million $ enough to do some…

Dear Sharpayers!

Sharpay servers will be upgraded tomorrow, November 18, 2020 at 9:00 PM UTC+0.

As you remember, some time ago we set ourselves the task of optimizing server capacities, reducing costs and increasing productivity. As a result, after analyzing the situation, we decided to abandon Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services in favor of alternative options. The AWS solution has its definite advantages (super fast scalability), but there are also disadvantages (very expensive). Perhaps this is a temporary solution and we will return to AWS in the future. …

Dear Sharpayers!
Sharpay S token is listed on IDEX 2.0. It’s time to open orders!

As you know, Sharpay S token has been officially traded on the IDEX exchange for about 3 years since the launch of our project. This fairly large platform is one of the progenitors of DEX (decentralized exchanges) trading systems and DeFi in a broad sense. In order to get into the IDEX listing from the very beginning, our team underwent a special audit. We prepared a big report on Sharpay developments and quality activity in our private GitHub repositories (all our main developments are in…

Hey Sharpayers!

A day ago, Telegram released an update with cool new features. It’s time to remind you that our Sharpay share buttons with cryptocurrency rewards are also available for installation in your Telegram channels.

Do you have your own Telegram channel? Do you want your readers to more actively share your posts with their friends and receive cryptocurrency rewards from CoinMarketCap’ TOP 100? Contact our to install Sharpay share buttons for free!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

Hello friends! How are you? We’re all right. We took a little rest on short vacations and continue to work on installing Sharpay smart share buttons, looking for large strategic partnerships, and conducting negotiations. And a few words about current events.

Like everyone else now, we suffer from abnormally high gas fees on the Ethereum network for transfers of ETH and ERC-20 tokens. We remind you that Sharpay S token is an ERC-20 token. How did it become possible that one of the main advantages of ERC-20 tokens, namely very low transfer fees, lost its relevance in just a couple…

Hi Sharpayers! One of Sharpay’ community members asked a series of questions in our Telegram support chat to our CEO. We publish questions and answers without cuts. Part 1.

Chris M: Hi! Can I talk to the marketing manager? Can you give me his contact?

sharpay_admin: Hi! We have a small team. Several people deal with all issues. Including marketing. Including this support chat. We answer the questions in turn. The CEO is answering your questions today. My name is Anton.

Chris M: Hi Anton! Nice to meet you! Woow I have never thought about this, talking to the CEO…

Hello webmasters!
We have news of a major update for the Sharpay WordPress plugin.

Did you miss the news about our new developments? Have you been waiting? Is your website powered by WordPress? Do you have share buttons on your website? Are these Sharpay share buttons or not? We have news for all questions. We’ve made a big update to our plugin including:

- replaced the outdated static share button with a new, dynamic, “rotating”
- updated the editor for the appearance of the button
- significantly simplified navigation to plugin settings

The plugin is here: Everything works like…

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